family gathering checklist

Planning a Family Reunion

Thinking of planning a good old family reunion this year? Who are you planning to invite?  Often it’s first cousins, aunts and uncles, nephews and nieces.  But what about second cousins or those your family may have adopted in as family.

pastoral retreats at wilderness edge

Pastoral Retreats Free on Mondays?

Ministerial Mondays are free, 1 night personal retreats given on either Sunday or Monday nights (or 50% discounted rates Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) to some of the hardest working and often the least paid members of society: the leadership

christian girl retreat

Planning Christian Girl Retreat

Plan a girl retreat where the focus is sexuality and respecting their bodies. This would be a great focus for the importance of our physical bodies as well as our relation to the Holy Spirit in it. This is a great opportunity to show the girls how much they are valued by God and by their church. Get creative and pamper yourselves.

ice breaker games

Retreat Icebreakers

Join Wilderness Edge Fishing Adventures for an unforgettable all-inclusive guided fishing tour & outdoor adventure on some of Manitoba’s finest lakes and rivers within 1.5 hours of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Raft School Programs

Top-of-the-Class School Programs

Wilderness Edge offers customized and flexible School Programs for students ranging between kindergarten and high school for whatever your group needs may be. Wilderness Edge is a conference facility located in the heart of Whiteshell