Manitoba conference tips for newcomers appeal to anyone that has ever considered organizing a conference in Manitoba.

Find value

With thousands (in fact over 9,000 in Canada) of venues to choose from, when choosing a Manitoba conference venue for your next event there is more to consider than just the price. Taking into account the type of event, from how far and how many are coming, is just a start.

Provide a Clear Event Message

An important piece of advice to keep in mind is sending out a clear message to potential attendees.  You can improve your response rate by 20% or more by carefully crafting your first communication.  Provide people the reason for your Manitoba event and include possible dates in your emails and social media posts.

Collecting Feedback

The safer people feel the more honest their response.  Create an atmosphere where everything can be shared and talked about.  The feedback you will receive will be amazing.  The point is not to have everyone agree with you, but rather to understand the reason behind that point of view.  Finally, above all else keep the reason behind your event to benefit those who are attending.

6 Tips for picking a Conference Venue

6 Tips for picking a Conference Venue
Look for some of these things when seeking out a conference venue or hotel meeting room.

Selecting a correct venue for your next business, department or