Manitoba retreats are made up of a mindset of activities and rest, silence, and expression, solitude, and community.  Here we explore Manitoba retreats, their healing touch and how to plan your time away to make it extra special.

Do you need to be a certain size?

People think about large groups when thinking about retreats and conferences.  There are a lot of smaller groups in the 15 to 25 person range that also have found the secret of retreat centers.  Where the larger venues consider these small groups an annoyance, there are Mom and Pop retreat centers like Wilderness Edge that are completely geared towards hosting groups from 10 to 300 persons.


Wilderness Edge is located only 60 minutes east of Winnipeg.  Whiteshell Provincial Park surrounds us. With waterfront and an entire provincial park to access, it is an ideal setting for any retreat.

We look forward to hosting your Manitoba retreat at Wilderness Edge!

Wellness Retreats at the Edge of Manitoba

Imagine taking a break from it all and focusing on how you feel, both physically and mentally. Letting go of the stresses, chaos, and noise of day-to-day life. Getting away and focusing on your personal wellness is important, and in Manitoba, there is a retreat centre that offers an easy and affordable way to do just that.

Women’s Retreat Planning in Manitoba

This guide is put together with a specific focus on Women’s retreat planning and the special needs unique to those type of events.  Utilize it to ignite fresh ideas into your next event.

Planning a Family Reunion

Thinking of planning a good old family reunion this year? Who are you planning to invite?  Often it’s first cousins, aunts and uncles, nephews and nieces.  But what about second cousins or those your family may have adopted in as family.

Edge of Whiteshell Provincial Park

With Winnipeg located in the heart of Canada, there’s an increasing amount of national and international awareness of the Whiteshell Provincial Park. Being located only one hour the park offers the best that Manitoba has to offer for scenery, eco-tourism, and even for just a quiet getaway in the peacefulness of the Boreal forest.

Church Marriage Retreat Planning

Strengthen your marriage or the marriages in your church by hosting a Marriage Retreat or Conference. Find speakers and counselors to lead couples through biblically-based lessons to enrich and deepen relationship

10 Steps to Family Reunion Success

1. Procure a family reunion plan
First thing is to pick a date and location. It’s generally accepted to begin planning at the end of last years family reunion. Booking doesn’t need to happen right away, but it’s great to have a general consensus on a date and location. Using the telephone and sending out emails with questions to the family to get their say on when, where and what they want.