Manitoba retreats are made up of a mindset of activities and rest, silence, and expression, solitude, and community.  Here we explore Manitoba retreats, their healing touch and how to plan your time away to make it extra special.

Do you need to be a certain size?

People think about large groups when thinking about retreats and conferences.  There are a lot of smaller groups in the 15 to 25 person range that also have found the secret of retreat centers.  Where the larger venues consider these small groups an annoyance, there are Mom and Pop retreat centers like Wilderness Edge that are completely geared towards hosting groups from 10 to 300 persons.


Wilderness Edge is located only 60 minutes east of Winnipeg.  Whiteshell Provincial Park surrounds us. With waterfront and an entire provincial park to access, it is an ideal setting for any retreat.

We look forward to hosting your Manitoba retreat at Wilderness Edge!

8 Things to Know About a Manitoba Retreat

The key to a great Manitoba retreat experience is spending some time and investigate the options available. Here, experienced retreat leaders share 8 tips to help you make the most of a Manitoba retreat.

Retreat Planning starts with setting budgets

When it comes to retreat planning, alternating between structured activities and unstructured time can be very rewarding. True retreats always incorporating one or more forms of rest, but there is a wide berth on what counts as rest.
Retreat Planning in Manitoba is a topic familiar to myself for a myriad of time.  Starting in my late teens

Family Gathering Tips for Connecting with your Tribe

Family gatherings can bring a special feeling of being surrounded by your relatives.  Enjoy your day by taking every opportunity to speak an encouraging word to every person that has attended. Doing so will have you enjoying these trips and get a ton of good conversations started.

Pastoral Retreats Free on Mondays?

Ministerial Mondays are free, 1 night personal retreats given on either Sunday or Monday nights (or 50% discounted rates Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) to some of the hardest working and often the least paid members of society: the leadership

Planning Christian Girl Retreat

Plan a girl retreat where the focus is sexuality and respecting their bodies. This would be a great focus for the importance of our physical bodies as well as our relation to the Holy Spirit in it. This is a great opportunity to show the girls how much they are valued by God and by their church. Get creative and pamper yourselves.

Retreat Icebreakers

Join Wilderness Edge Fishing Adventures for an unforgettable all-inclusive guided fishing tour & outdoor adventure on some of Manitoba’s finest lakes and rivers within 1.5 hours of Winnipeg, Manitoba.