Manitoba retreats are made up of a mindset of activities and rest, silence, and expression, solitude, and community.  Here we explore Manitoba retreats, their healing touch and how to plan your time away to make it extra special.

Do you need to be a certain size?

People think about large groups when thinking about retreats and conferences.  There are a lot of smaller groups in the 15 to 25 person range that also have found the secret of retreat centers.  Where the larger venues consider these small groups an annoyance, there are Mom and Pop retreat centers like Wilderness Edge that are completely geared towards hosting groups from 10 to 300 persons.


Wilderness Edge is located only 60 minutes east of Winnipeg.  Whiteshell Provincial Park surrounds us. With waterfront and an entire provincial park to access, it is an ideal setting for any retreat.

We look forward to hosting your Manitoba retreat at Wilderness Edge!

Top-of-the-Class School Programs

Wilderness Edge offers customized and flexible School Programs for students ranging between kindergarten and high school for whatever your group needs may be. Wilderness Edge is a conference facility located in the heart of Whiteshell

Retreat! A Place to Unwind, Relax, Reconnect and Rejuvenate

We invite you to unwind, relax, reconnect, and rejuvenate at our 115 guest room retreat center on a peaceful part of the Winnipeg River which is located in Pinawa, Manitoba inside the Whiteshell Provincial Park on the quieter, eastern side of the Park.

Whiteshell Park Conference Facilities

When considering holding an event centrally, Manitoba is the natural choice. Winnipeg’s new airport puts it firmly in the running with the other large airports in Canada – Toronto, Vancover and Montreal. As a conference centre by the Winnipeg river,

Maximize your attendee’s conference experience

You get out of a conference what you put into one. If your guests are not sure why they’re going or are not sure of what you want them to get out of the experience then it’s likely they won’t get it. This blog is our perspective on conferences

Border to Beaches Inaugural Cycling Tour Set for Sept 22-25

Since the MRTA (Maintoba Recreational Trails Association) formed Border to Beaches (B2B), one of its acclaimed goals was to provide eco-tourism and economic development in communities along the trail. On September 22, the MRTA is taking a giant leap

Recreational Trails of Manitoba a Boost for Ecotourism

Pinawa town dock to Otter Falls via Hind Channel and Margaret Lake, return to Pinawa via Sharky’s Channel. Variation for half-day trip: do not cross Margaret Lake but paddle around East side of Hind Island and return.