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Wellness Retreats at the Edge of Manitoba

Imagine taking a break from it all and focusing on how you feel, both physically and mentally. Letting go of the stresses, chaos, and noise of day-to-day life. Getting away and focusing on your personal wellness is important, and in Manitoba, there is a retreat centre that offers an easy and affordable way to do just that.
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Event Planning Made Easy. The secret to our success.

Event Planning Made Easy is a topic I have been passionate about for decades.  After years of planning events as the owner of a busy retreat and conference center, I have unique observations to share in contrast to traditional event managers and event planning. By putting this guide together, I plan to provide a sneak peek behind the curtains of large venues associated with event planning.
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Women's Retreat Planning in Manitoba

This guide is put together with a specific focus on Women's retreat planning and the special needs unique to those type of events.  Utilize it to ignite fresh ideas into your next event.

Retreat Planning starts with setting budgets

When it comes to retreat planning, alternating between structured activities and unstructured time can be very rewarding. True retreats always incorporating one or more forms of rest, but there is a wide berth on what counts as rest. Retreat Planning in Manitoba is a topic familiar to myself for a myriad of time.  Starting in my late teens
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Edge of Whiteshell Provincial Park

With Winnipeg located in the heart of Canada, there's an increasing amount of national and international awareness of the Whiteshell Provincial Park. Being located only one hour the park offers the best that Manitoba has to offer for scenery, eco-tourism, and even for just a quiet getaway in the peacefulness of the Boreal forest.
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Family Gathering Tips for Connecting with your Tribe

Family gatherings can bring a special feeling of being surrounded by your relatives.  Enjoy your day by taking every opportunity to speak an encouraging word to every person that has attended. Doing so will have you enjoying these trips and get a ton of good conversations started.