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5 star reviews from our past guests

“We had a wonderful experience!. Everyone was pleasant and accommodating! Thank you for providing excellent customer service! Will definitely come back and recommend to my colleagues!”

Group of 125
Synergy Licensing

“Beautiful location, interesting history, lots of places to explore. Thanks for your hospitality. I would come back.”

Group of 120
Sam P.

“Had a wonderful time! Enjoyed the food and the fun with friends! Went for a bike ride through town and had a liesurely raft ride to the swinging bridge; thanks to the Centre. It was refreshing to enjoy the outdoors. The decor takes one back in time; somewhat retro. The bed was comfortable and the room clean. I'd be happy to go back again.”

Group of 25
Cheryl G.

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Frequently asked questions

Do group organizers get special deals?

Yes! We have special offers for group organizers running all the time!

Access our latest offer by building a package located on the bottom of this page and through our live chat, phone or email you can ask us your specific questions.

Do you accept Pets?

We have one staff member with a severe allergy to pets, even to hypoallergenic pets, so unfortunately no.

Do you accommodate people with food allergies?

Yes! Our super simple dashboard signed up groups has a place to enter food allergies.

Are you close to the Winnipeg Airport?

Yes! We regularly booking national and international groups that arrive at the James Richardson International Airport and use Winnipeg River Charter Services for about a 1.5 hours drive from the airport.