Pinawa, Manitoba, one hour from Winnipeg
Group canoeingGroup canoeing
Exterior shot of Wilderness Edge
Couples suite living room
Couple's suite living room
Family suite queen bed
Manitoba Meeting Room
Paint night group paintings
Group around a firepit
Pool table
Golfing with cart
Relaxing in a sauna
Relaxing in a hot tub
Star rating

4.5 stars

76 reviews

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Plan your Church Retreat in Beautiful Whiteshell Park

Star rating

4.5 stars

76 reviews

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Pinawa, Manitoba, one hour from Winnipeg


Group of people
Large meeting rooms
143 guest rooms
Catered meals
Location pin
One hour from Winnipeg

Located in Pinawa, East Whiteshell Provincial Park

25+ outdoor activities

Rafting, canoe rentals, snow boarding, hiking trails, etc.

Team building

Our programs are designed to strengthen bonds and enhance teamwork

High tempurature

Hot tub

Spa / sauna


Parked car

Free Parking

Fire pit





Walking trails

Convenience store

Convenience store

Credit card

Nearby ATM


Golf Course

Umbrella on a beach



Pickle ball

Tenis ball


Host your church retreat in nature with staff that understand your spiritual needs

Planning a church retreat that nourishes the soul while connecting with the wonders of nature is a unique experience. Our Church Retreat Package offers the perfect opportunity to gather your congregation for spiritual enrichment and rejuvenation in a serene natural setting, with a dedicated staff that deeply understands your spiritual needs.

Understanding Your Spiritual Journey

We recognize that every church retreat is a spiritual journey for your congregation. Our experienced staff is not only attentive to your logistical needs but also attuned to your spiritual aspirations. We understand the importance of providing an environment that fosters spiritual reflection, growth, and renewal.

Nature's Sanctuary

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the great outdoors, where the beauty of creation serves as a sanctuary for your spiritual retreat. Whether it's a serene walk through the woods, a moment of contemplation by the waterfront, or communal worship under the open sky, nature becomes a powerful partner in your spiritual journey.

Facilities Designed for Worship

While nature is our primary sanctuary, we also provide well-equipped facilities designed for worship and spiritual activities. Our spaces are thoughtfully designed to enhance your church retreat experience, allowing for moments of reflection, prayer, joy and communal gatherings.

Culinary Delights

We believe that nourishing the body is just as important as nurturing the soul. Enjoy a variety of culinary delights during your retreat, with carefully crafted menus that cater to your dietary preferences. Our dining experiences are a time for fellowship and celebration.

Time for Reflection and Bonding

In addition to structured activities, we encourage moments of personal reflection and bonding among your congregation. Whether it's a quiet walk in nature, a fireside chat, or simply enjoying each other's company, our retreat center offers the space and serenity for these meaningful connections.

Customized Retreats

Every church retreat is unique, and our Church Retreat Package can be customized to align with your specific goals and themes. Whether you're planning a weekend of spiritual renewal, a leadership training program, or a youth retreat, we work closely with you to make your vision a reality.

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Guest rooms

Private. Comfortable. Quiet.

All our rooms maintain the distinctive style of the 1960s and are ensured to be clean and well-lit.

Each room includes:

Free Wi-fi

Free wi-fi in every room, just ask for a password

32" TV

32 inch TV with satellite for your relaxing nights in

Private washroom

Hot shower, sink and toilet

*There is no daily maid service, no pets are allowed, and smoking is prohibited. Quiet hours are observed after 9 pm, except in designated firepit and meeting room areas.

Couple's suite living room
Couple's apartment living room
Couple's apartment kitchen
Couple's apartment bed
Couples suites
Kids beds
Family suite queen bed
Family suite kitchen
Family suites
Two bedroom suite left angle
Two bedroom family suite
Two bedroom right angle
Two bedroom suites
Bachelor suite blue bed
Bachelor suite bed left angle
Bachelor's room red bed
Bachelor suite kitchenette
Bachelor suite w/ kitchenette


Chicken meal
Vegetarian food
Supper meal
Custom cakes
Mini desserts
Plated dinner meal
Breakfast spread

Catered meals

Our culinary team excels in crafting diverse menus that cater to your group's unique tastes and dietary preferences. Plus, our stunning dining areas provide the perfect backdrop for these culinary delights.

At Wilderness Edge, we take pride in creating an inviting atmosphere that complements our culinary offerings. Our dining areas are more than places to eat; they are settings for connection, where shared laughter and storytelling are as important as the food itself.

Coffee cup
Lunch salad
Cookie with a bite taken out
Night snack

We take care to accommodate for all allergies

Gluten free
Gluten free

Options for those who are sensitive to gluten

Vegan/ vegetarian

Full vegan and vegetarian courses


Experience the thrill of outdoors

Get these activities and more in your package


Take to the water with our full seater canoes! We have a handful of adventures in store surrounded on all sides by the Whiteshell Park.

Group canoeing
Group of 45
Avery P.

"Spent the days going tubing, going canoeing and hiking down the trails. Would recommend for anyone to stay."

Stay & play golf

Swing away the day at our full 18 hole golf course wth cart and driving range.

Group of 16
Jayden P.

"Stayed with Kevin and crew at wilderness edge with 16 guys for a second year in a row. With Pinawa and granite hills right close by we golfed them both."

Bannock bake

Under the guidance of our skilled instructors, you'll learn to craft and cook this traditional Indigenous bread over an open flame.

Bannock bake
Group of 115
Gail C.

"First time there to attend a 4 day retreat. Food and staff phenomenal. Always willing to go above and beyond to help. Would definitely visit again!"

Ladies paint night

Cultivate your inner self together with our ladies paint night. Make a mess or take a breath while you release your creativity on the canvas.

Paint night group paintings
Group of 130
Heather N.

"We had several special events planned- including rafting and a paint night- both of which were a ton of fun and run by a staff volunteer who had the energy of at least three people!"

Pontoon boats

Spend the day on the water in a 22-foot pontoon with plenty of comfortable seating area. each boat has a maximum capacity of 4

Pontoon boat
Group of 65
Celina M.

"A place where you can choose from various activities like hiking, canoeing, golfing or do you just want to relax and watch the birds float around"

Volley ball

Bring out your competitive side at our fully equipped volley ball courts

Volley ball
Group of 60
Patricia C.

"There are plenty of group activities to do and with warm weather approaching, I can see us spending the day outdoors because it's situated right by the water."


Slide the stones, strategize with your team, and enjoy some friendly competition on our well-maintained curling rink.

Group of 60
Eleanor H.

"It was a great experience, great accommodations, good food and Kevin is the kindest person around.I would recommend it for any occasion."

Tubing and rafting on the Pinawa Channel

Explore the Pinawa Channel in its full beauty. Take the day on the water with our tubes and rafts.

Exciting Tube ride
Group of 35
Mélanie T.

"I rent tubes from here each year and I am always so pleased with how friendly and accommodating the staff are."

Paddle board lessons

Don’t know how to row, we got you covered with our lessons from a team of trained professionals.

Paddle boarding
Group of 45
Raymond P.

"There are numerous amenities and the staff are very friendly and helpful. I always have a great time, as there are many activities offered"

Firepit w/ s’mores

Keep cozy and maybe a little sticky by the fireside, a great way to end the day together.

Cooking smores
Group of 30
Nelson P.

"I took my family tubing down the pinawa channel, an afternoon BBQ in the resorts beautiful flowered courtyard, and fishing in the evening at their lakeside firepit"

Hoopla island

Test your balance, coordination, and teamwork as you navigate through an exhilarating floating obstacle course in the scenic waters of Pinawa.

Hoopla island action shot
Group of 25
Drew T.

"The rooms were in great condition from what you may expect going to a retreat, and Pinawa is an outstanding part of Manitoba to plan team-building activities outside!"

Sailing club

Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a beginner, you can enjoy the serene waters of the Winnipeg River while honing your sailing skills or simply taking in the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Sailing club
Group of 60
Farshad G.

"Went there as a large group of 60 coworkers. It was a great time. Hearty meals and staff are all nice, helpful and responsive. Would certainly go back."

Horseshoe pits

Test your balance, coordination, and teamwork as you navigate through an exhilarating floating obstacle course in the scenic waters of Pinawa.

Horseshoe action shot
Group of 60
Cynthia H.

"Wonderful place for relaxation 🙂 I recommend this retreat, whether you are with a group of friends, co-worker or family...bring along children."


Grab your paddle and challenge your friends or fellow guests to a match on our well-maintained pickleball courts.

Group of 85
Darelne L.

"The facility was great, well organized and very friendly. Staff was always around looking after our needs."

Get our full list of activities

See our activites page that goes into detail over all 10+ full day activities that are available at Wilderness Edge. Go in depth about the full features available to you, including rafting lessons and more!

See top 20 activities


Breathtaking nature experiences right outside your door

Pinawa swinging bridge

Suspension bridge

Suspended above the tranquil Pinawa Channel, the Swinging Bridge sways gently, providing an exhilarating journey to all who dare to cross. Breathtaking views await you as you traverse its length, with the surrounding lush forests and sparkling waters delivering a visual feast.

Transcanada trail

Transcanada Trail

Pinawa’s section of the Trans Canada Trail is a mix of forest, granite ridges, and beaver dams as it winds from the Pinawa Dam Provincial Park to the Seven Sisters Generating Station. This section of the trail includes the Pinawa Channel Heritage Walk, Ironwood Trail, and Alice Chambers Trail.

Bannock point petroforms

Bannock point petroforms

Petroforms are figures laid out on bedrock in the forms of turtles, snakes and humans, and also in abstract patterns. Anishinabe and other First Nations people believe that they were left here long ago for the benefit of all people that might visit this site to receive their teachings and healing.

Pinawa heritage sundial

Pinawa Heritage Sundial

Built to mark the new millennium through the expression of a variety of themes, the Pinawa Heritage Sundial is located in the heart of Pinawa near the marina in a small park in a restful spot overlooking the Winnipeg River.

Wilderness Edge marina

Wilderness Edge Marina

Central to our waterfront property is our 66 dock marina. The ironwood trail is located on both sides. We keep a cache of 6 canoes near the marina for our overnight guests to access from Sun up to Sun down.

Old Pinawa dam

Old Pinawa dam

Located on the Winnipeg River, Pinawa Dam was Manitoba’s first hydro-electric generating station. Old Pinawa Dam Park has become a historic site with walking paths and areas for surfing the rapids in the turbid waters.

Hoopla island aerial shot

Hoopla Island

Test your balance, coordination, and teamwork as you navigate through an exhilarating floating obstacle course in the scenic waters of Pinawa.

Alfred Hole Goose Sanctuary

Alfred Hole Goose Sanctuary

Be sure to bring a pair of binoculars and hike along the 2.5 km self guiding trail to reveal life around the Goose Pond, or simply relax and take in the sights and sounds from our viewing area.

Fall hike through forest

Wolf Howl Hikes

Hike along with a Park Interpreter as we trek the 2.5 km trail around the Goose Pond and howl for wolves.

Hike by river

UFO Guided Hikes

Join a Park Interpreter for a hike along the 2.2 km Falcon Creek Trail. Along the way, hear the tale of the Falcon Lake UFO incident of 1967.

Winter firepit

Voyageur Bannock Bake

Discover the history and culture of bannock, a staple bread of the voyageurs and Indigenous peoples, then try baking your own over a campfire. We’ll supply the ingredients!

Owl on a branch

Owl Prowl Hike

Join a Park Interpreter for a night hike to Bear Lake. Along the way we will discover the variety of owls that call the Whiteshell home along with what makes them so unique.

Tent in winter at night

Myths & Legends Hike

From UFOs to sleeping dragons, the Whiteshell is home to some of the most unique stories you will ever hear. Join a Park Interpreter for a night hike to discover the incredible stories of the Whiteshell.

A quick glance on near by attractions

18 Hole Golf with Cart

For those who love golf, an 18-hole course with cart rentals is conveniently located just three blocks away, offering a leisure activity that requires minimal coordination.

Suspension bridge
Suspension Bridge

The Swinging Bridge above the serene Pinawa Channel offers an exhilarating journey with breathtaking views of lush forests and sparkling waters.

Pinawa Heritage Sundial

The Pinawa Heritage Sundial, constructed to commemorate the new millennium with diverse themes, graces a tranquil spot near the marina in Pinawa, offering views of the Winnipeg River.

Rocky destination
Bannock Point Petroforms

Petroforms, including figures of turtles, snakes, humans, and abstract patterns on bedrock, are believed by Anishinabe and other First Nations to hold ancient teachings and healing powers for visitors to this site.

Man hiking with equipment
Transcanada Trail

‍Pinawa's Trans Canada Trail section winds through forests, granite ridges, and beaver dams, featuring the Pinawa Channel Heritage Walk, Ironwood Trail, and Alice Chambers Trail from the Pinawa Dam Provincial Park to the Seven Sisters Generating Station.

Old Pinawa Dam

Sitting on the Winnipeg River, Pinawa Dam, Manitoba's inaugural hydro-electric generating station, now resides within the historic Old Pinawa Dam Park, offering walking paths and opportunities for rapids surfing in its turbid waters.

Life jacket
Hoopla Island

Challenge your balance, coordination, and teamwork while tackling an exciting floating obstacle course in the picturesque waters of Pinawa.

Alfred Hole Goose Sanctuary

Remember to bring binoculars for a 2.5 km self-guided trail around Goose Pond to observe wildlife, or relax and enjoy the sights and sounds from our viewing area.

Wolf Howl Hikes

Hike along with a Park Interpreter as we trek the 2.5 km trail around the Goose Pond and howl for wolves.

UFO Guided Hikes

Participate in a guided hike with a Park Interpreter on the 2.2 km Falcon Creek Trail while learning about the intriguing Falcon Lake UFO incident of 1967

Bon fire
Voyaguer Bannock Bake

Explore the rich history and cultural significance of bannock, a vital bread for voyageurs and Indigenous communities, and have the opportunity to bake your own over a campfire with all the necessary ingredients provided

Owl Prowl Hike

Participate in a guided nocturnal adventure with a Park Interpreter as we embark on a night hike to Bear Lake, where we'll explore the diverse owl species that inhabit the Whiteshell region and learn about their unique characteristics.

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Meeting rooms

Meeting Spaces

Private indoor, outdoor and river locations

Manitoba Meeting Room

Manitoba Room

200 Person Capacity
Aggasiz meeting room

Aggasiz Room

160 Person Capacity
McCoy lounge meeting room

McCoy Room

35 Person Capacity
Pinawa meeting room

Pinawa Room

40 Person Capacity
Dining room

Dining Room

225 Person Capacity
Tent Setup example

Various Tents

60 to 600 Person Capacity
Pinawa emca gym

Theatre & Gym

500 Person Capacity

Helpful notes on meeting areas

With our diverse meeting spaces, both indoors and outdoors, Wilderness Edge offers the flexibility and versatility to create a tailored conference or retreat that suits your specific objectives and provides a memorable experience for all attendees.

Scalable meeting rooms

Whether your event requires a large conference room to accommodate up to 400 attendees or a more intimate space for a group of 20, we have you covered. Our scalable meeting room options are equipped to handle gatherings of various sizes, ensuring that your event is just the right fit.

Breakout rooms

For smaller conference sessions or group discussions, we provide breakout rooms designed to facilitate focused conversations and collaborative brainstorming.

Courtyard Oasis

Step outside and discover our large courtyard adorned with vibrant flowers, lush trees, and a variety of plants. This inviting outdoor space offers a refreshing change of scenery, perfect for breaks, networking, or simply unwinding amidst nature's beauty.

Outdoor tents

Adding to our versatility, we offer options for white wedding tent setups along our waterfront. These can comfortably accommodate groups ranging from 200 to 600 people, offering an extraordinary backdrop for larger gatherings.

Recreational Areas

In addition to traditional meeting spaces, we offer recreational areas featuring pool tables and ping pong tables. These spaces provide an excellent opportunity for attendees to relax, socialize, and enjoy some downtime.

Waterfront seating

Our outdoor seating area along the waterfront provides a picturesque backdrop for discussions or moments of reflection. Enjoy the calming presence of the water as you connect with colleagues and peers.

Fireside gatherings

Wilderness Edge boasts both small and large firepit areas, allowing you to create cozy fireside gatherings under the starry night sky. It's the perfect setting for team bonding, storytelling, and building lasting connections.

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Location pin

Wilderness Edge, 32 Burrows Rd, Pinawa, MB R0E 1L0

Our Conference Centre Is Surrounded By Lakefront And Boreal Forest From Whiteshell Provincial Park.


Hassle Free Amenities

Audio visual equipment

High-quality AV equipment, including projectors, screens, microphones, and sound systems.

High speed internet

Reliable and fast Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the conference area.

 Breakout group
Breakout rooms

Smaller rooms for group discussions or parallel sessions.

Natural lighting

Meeting rooms with ample natural light to create a more pleasant atmosphere.

Chart presentation
White boards and flipcharts

Tools for visual presentations and brainstorming sessions.

Route planning
Event planning services

Assistance with planning and organizing the conference, scheduling, logistics, and team-building activities.

Public transit
Transportation services

We work with our partners to assist you with arranging transportation to and from the hotel.


Main Floor Meeting rooms and facilities designed to accommodate individuals with disabilities.

Parked car

Ample parking space for attendees who are driving to the event.

To do list
Post event services

Assistance with post-event evaluations, feedback collection, and follow-up activities.

Special requests

Flexibility to accommodate any specific needs or preferences of the conference organizers and attendees.


76 reviews

Group of 125
Synergy Licensing

"We had a wonderful experience! Everyone was pleasant and accommodating! Thank you for providing excellent customer service! Will definitely come back and recommend to my colleagues!"

Group of 70
Jim P.

"A wonderful location for our conference and the kitchen works hard to deal with having food for people with allergies and insensitivities"

Group of 25
Drew T.

"The staff were outstanding and always there to help! In terms of price, far exceeded out expectations based on research of other options around the province. Highly recommend for anybody looking to put together a business retreat that balances both work and play!"

Group of 50
Mayelin H.

"I was at Wilderness Edge for a conference. My family also came with us and we really enjoyed the facility and all it had to offer. The food was excellent, the service was very good. The hot tub was very nice and we had a lot of fun even at -30c!The room was very clean. We enjoyed ourselves very much!"

Guided Tours

Experience outdoor paradise

Team building options

Unleash your team's full potential with our carefully curated team-building experiences, designed to strengthen bonds, enhance communication, and foster innovation.

Tour guides on a hike

Outdoor Adventure Challenges

Activities like our 12 seat canoe course, axe throwing challenge, river rafting and snow shoeing courses encourage teamwork, communication, and overcoming challenges.

Canoeing through a cave

Scavenger Hunts

Fun and interactive scavenger hunts that encourage collaboration and problem-solving while exploring the conference centre's surroundings and Old Pinawa Dam.

Paint night group paintings

Art and Creativity Worshops

Creative activities such as Madison's painting night, pottery, or craft workshops to stimulate innovation and collaboration.

Early morning Canoe ride

Mindfulness and Wellness Workshops

Sessions on stress management, mindfulness, and overall well-being to enhance team members' mental health.

Group around fire

Outdoor Bonfires and Bonding

Evening bonfires or campfire sessions for team members to relax, share stories, and strengthen bonds.

Group around fire

Storytelling Workshops

Activities that focus on the art of storytelling to improve communication and understanding among team members.

Group of 60
Patricia C.

“So glad we were able to book this place for our workshop retreat. The entire staff was so accommodating and friendly. . . There are plenty of group activities to do. . . it' s situated right by the water. . . we had the best experience. See you again soon!”

Group of 105
Adam B.

"Great place to stay! All the employees are really friendly and super informative about the area and things to do in the area. Have stayed here multiple times and I would definitely stay here again. O and the lazy river rafting is awesome and relaxing!"

Plan everything in one place

A super simple dashboard for you and your attendees

Pair of people

Easily share with anyone

Open book

Attendee self sign-up option


Special organizer pricing

Start planning now
Family gathering dashboard example

Getting started couldn't be easier

Access these group package bonuses, Use our World Class Streamlined Booking Process

All-inclusive meals

Breakfast, lunch, supper, night snacks & mid-day health breaks

Bonus 1 catered meals included
Meeting rooms, courtyards, breakout spots

Various setups to choose from.

Bonus 2 meeting rooms
Boreal forest & river surroundings

Engaging experiences for every age

Bonus 3 Boreal forest and river surroundings
Guidance at every stage

Get a dedicated point of contact to assist with planning, answer questions, and coordinate details!

Bonus 4 guidance at every stage
Audio visual equipment

Mics, projectors, big screen TV

Bonus 5 A/V Equipment
Comfortable guest rooms

Wi-fi, and hot showers in every room

Bonus 6 Comfortable guest rooms
Complete your instant quote to access this bonus

Create a custom to access!

Hidden bonus complete your instant quote to learn more
All-inclusive meals

Breakfast, lunch, supper, night snacks & mid-day health breaks options

Bonus 1 catered meals included
Engaging experiences for every age

Whiteshell Park a wonderland of trails and activities

Bonus 3 Boreal forest and river surroundings
Clear Communication Channels

We maintain open lines of communication, with email and phone support readily available for inquiries and assistance.

Bonus 5 A/V Equipment
Complete your instant quote to access this bonus

Create a custom to access!

Hidden bonus complete your instant quote to learn more

Create a custom retreat package and get an instant quote

Seamless Retreat Planning Starts Here

Wilderness Edge Retreat and Conference Centre is not just a venue; it's your partner in streamlining the retreat planning process. With our convenient location, stunning natural surroundings, and comprehensive amenities, you can confidently check off every requirement on your list.

Frequently asked questions

Do group organizers get special deals?

Yes! We have special offers for group organizers running all the time!

Access our latest offer by building a package located on the bottom of this page and through our live chat, phone or email you can ask us your specific questions.

Do you accept Pets?

We have one staff member with a severe allergy to pets, even to hypoallergenic pets, so unfortunately no.

Do you accommodate people with food allergies?

Yes! Our super simple dashboard signed up groups has a place to enter food allergies.

Are you close to the Winnipeg Airport?

Yes! We regularly booking national and international groups that arrive at the James Richardson International Airport and use Winnipeg River Charter Services for about a 1.5 hours drive from the airport.