christian girl retreat

Planning Christian Girl Retreat

Planning for an all girl retreat? Here are some ideas.

Plan a girl retreat where the focus is sexuality and respecting their bodies. This would be a great focus for the importance of our physical bodies as well as our relation to the Holy Spirit in it. This is a great opportunity to show the girls how much they are valued by God and by their church.  Get creative and pamper yourselves. Make it a weekend of great stories, good lessons, yummy snacks, maybe do some pedicures and manicures.  Bring out a massage therapist and just have a blast with your girls.

Themed Weekend

  • True Colors
  • Princess Totally
  • Flaky and Unique (snowflakes)
  • True Love Waits
  • Etc.

We have had guest speakers come and share great testimonies. We’ve also had a “Panel of Moms” for “ask anything” questions. We have breakout sessions and something fun to do with our hands, and of course eating.


If you have a problem with cliques within your group, plan an activity that splits them up and encourages them to meet others. Icebreaker games that focus on team building work great for this. Put the members of a clique in separate rooms with people they don’t know all that well. If you’re planning to do this, don’t reveal the rooms list until you arrive at your destination – no need for mutiny before the trip!

Don’t try to put too much on the weekend. The format that works best for us is the 3 teaching sessions (or 2 sessions and a devotional prior to leaving), one fun activity outside of the lodge and lots of free time to play cards, game, and hang out.

Retreat topics

Choose girl retreat topics that the girls will be dealing with at the time. Topics might include relationships (dating and friendships), modesty, self-image, or having a foundation and finding God’s purpose for your life.

The time the girls spend at this retreat will truly feel like a retreat away from the world and the multiple difficulties young people often face. It can be a very healing experience. In addition to making new friendships, the participant will engage in group team-building activities and participate in a variety of activities and devotionals during the week that will have them returning home feeling prepared to face their challenges with courage and optimism.

How much they’re valued

Don’t forget to include lessons to help teach the girls the principles the theme you’ve chosen. If you’ve chosen “integrity,” have someone who can speak on the topic from their own experience share in front of the group. An idea might be a Christian Pageant Contestant or Businessperson. Also, have a daily lesson whether it’s just a short thought at the end of the day or an actual session/workshop. Retreats like these should have a specific purpose, even if that’s just showing the girls how much they’re valued.