Tips for Manitoba Group Retreats

A lot of people think that you need to be a large event to consider planning a group retreat. Manitoba Retreat Centres host group retreats of every size and type. Church Youth groups, non-profit retreats, corporate team-building retreats, fundraisers for charities, ladies groups, family gatherings and plenty of birthdays.  Most Retreat centers catering to the needs of group retreats regardless of size or particular function.

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6 Quick Tips for Group Retreats

1.  Retreats should be at a destination outside of the norm – this helps disconnect us from our daily routine. It can create a feeling of destiny and adventure. A feeling of newness and removal from every-day-life is a great way to get things started.

2.  Overnight stays are important; they create a barrier of distance from distractions and allow conversations to carry on in the white space margins of unplanned time.

3.  It can be nice to put away all electronic devices – cell phones, laptops, etc. Electronics require time and attention away from the themes of the group retreat and will be a distraction from group participation. Tell the people in your everyday life your schedule in advance so that work and family member will know you are unavailable.

4.  Get the whole group together for a large group gathering to share experiences and life lessons. A guitar around the campfire can make your group connect with the freedom of the moment and bring clarity to the importance of time with friends and family.

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5. Create a schedule of Events.  Creating a detailed schedule and reigning in activities that extended far beyond times will make sure you have time for everything planned.

6.  Setting and Getting to the goal of your retreat.  If you put down on paper the main reason for having this retreat your more likely to plan in a way of reaching that goal.  Let people know the agenda and the level of structured and unstructured in advance so they can set their expectations appropriately.

About Manitoba Retreat Centers such as Wilderness Edge.

Located only 60 minutes east of Winnipeg in the scenic town of Pinawa, Manitoba. Your retreat participants will have an opportunity to reconnect with nature and its beauty at Wilderness Edge.  We are surrounded by the Whiteshell Provincial Park and have the Trans Canada Trail with its lush meadows, majestic forests and hidden lakes running right through our property.  It is an ideal setting for any retreat. You will enjoy stunning views while floating down the Pinawa Channel on a tube or raft rental, or you can hike the trail that traces the old man enhanced water system which was once used to feed Winnipeg’s first Hydro Electric Dam over 100 years ago.