Much of what you’ve been told about creating fabulous events is wrong

Kevin Penner

Much of what you’ve been told about creating fabulous events is wrong

…or at least a fiddly waste of money

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To get event results — from the smallest birthday party to the biggest corporate conference — requires some thought-out planning and organization.  The devil is in the details and how well you manage those details will determine a glorious event or something hitting average. Whether it’s a family gathering being planned around a picnic table or your part of a committee organizing a city-wide festival, the building blocks for planning a successful event is pretty much a match. Whatever the event you are planning, these seven steps will guide you along the path of excellence and put you at ease along the way. This guide excels in:

How to create a winning event team How to find the right location How to market your event


(checklist with guide)

This guide gets downloaded so often we know group organizers looking for strong event results need clear direction on with planning.  This 8 step checklist is perfect to help you know the 8 most important steps to take.  Let’s break it down a little further.  Whenever we schedule an event, we begin with a few recommendations first to set a strong foundation to get everything else in place. The 3 more important from the 8 in total are:

Choose your team well Set your date and time frames Choose and reserve you retreat centre location



Having the privilege to be part of hosting hundreds of women’s retreats, we are in a unique position to share ideas and get people started quickly in putting together a team with a focus.  This guide is put together with a specific focus on Women’s retreat planning and the special areas of focus needed to getting outstanding event results. This e-book provides strong insight with:

How to accomplish your retreat goals What to look for in a retreat centre Implementing Themes throughout the event


(spreadsheet format)

This budget template contains more than 100 line items each, saving you from the surprise of unexpected costs.  Your retreat, conference, and gathering budget spreadsheet is broken down into clear, concise sections giving you a huge head start in getting the event results you are after. Includes spreadsheet you can use as:

Retreat Budget Spreadsheet Conference Budget Spreadsheet Gathering Budget Spreadsheet

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