Book your event at the largest conference venues in Manitoba

Kevin Penner

Book your event at the largest conference venues in Manitoba

When organizing an event for Manitoba conference venues, you are confronted by many decisions. Choosing a venue is the one decision that will have the largest impact on your attendees experience. Location needs to be a reasonable distance, but far enough away to remove the distractions.  Do you want a city location such as Winnipeg or something an hour way in a Provincial Park setting?  Capacity is also a critical factor.  Is your event 10 people, 50 or 300?

Does this sound a bit intimidating? You don’t have to feel that way. Here are some tips and guidelines about the process of making the decision, what to consider, and how to do better.

Check available dates

1 – When talking to Manitoba conference venues start with checking if the date or dates you are considering are open.  If it is find out if they have a large enough meeting space, guest rooms, parking area and AV equipment.  The number of Manitoba Conference Venues in the city is a lot higher than ones located in Parks or rural locations, so if you are considering a venue located in a Provincial Park, check with those venues as early as possible.

Layouts and floor plans

2 – Layouts and floor plans help to understand the time it takes to get between points such as your meeting area and your meal services area.  Booking a 50 person event at a venue that has a 1000+ person capacity means that your attendees are going to be doing a lot more walking, and wasting a lot of time compared to booking a venue with a smaller footprint.  Keep your venue right-sized to your event.

Below is an example of meeting rooms at a Provincial Park Conference Centre – Wilderness Edge.


20 person occupancy

Lower level


30 person occupancy

Main Floor


40 person occupancy

Main Floor. 2 adjoining breakout rooms that hold 8 people each


160 person occupancy

Lower level


200 person occupancy

Overlooking Winnipeg River. Small kitchen. Main Floor.


20 person occupancy

Main Floor. Across from McCoy Lounge.


300 person occupancy

Setup on our yard between our Dining Room and Winnipeg River


3 – Ambiance is another area that can set the mood.  Do you want your event in a busy city or are you looking for a more peaceful location?  The reason so many of Canada’s events are booked at Manitoba Conference Venues is partly because of their central location within Canada and North America, but also the boreal forest and river setting at some conference centres creates the right environment for relationship within a group.  The less the ambiance matches the feeling of the event the more you will need to make up for it with themes and decorations.

Cost and flexibility

4 – Cost and flexibility is a really important factor.  Are you working on a limited budget? If so you will be wanting to find all inclusive packages to protect yourself against unexpected runs in cost.  Get your venue to provide hard stops on the price, and preferable get everything firmly in writing right from the start.  Pricing for Manitoba conference venues is much lower than those in Toronto or Vancouver and you will get a lot of value for money spent.  Getting firm prices up front will insure that once you have found your preferred venue you can be confident that costs are something that you don’t have to worry about for the remainder of planning.


5 – Services such as event programming, audio/video options and flexible meal times can make planning your event a lot less stressful.  If you are holding your event in a city then things like parking and parking security can become an issue.  Try to find a Manitoba conference venue that gives you the flexibility of bringing your own equipment or using theirs.  In general the more flexible your conference venue, more you have control over your expenditures.

Tips to finding Perfect Manitoba Conference Venues

A. Very Accessible Location but isolated enough to keep out distractions
B. Meeting Rooms with Natural Daylight and Amazing View
C. Wifi
D. Good Quality Equipment
E. Dedicated Point of Contact from the Conference Centre
F. Comfortable Chairs and Tables for Delegates
G. Good Quality Food, Beverages and Snacks


6 – Does the conference venue offer accommodations?  Most events work best when accommodations are at the same place as the conference venue.  This allows a minimum of distraction between sessions, meals and health breaks.  It also gives the conference organizers the ability to add more time for existing sessions or add additional sessions, because travel time which can eat an enormous amount of time is completely eliminated.


7 – Like onsite accommodations, have a venue that caters onsite is an enormous time saver.  If the venue you partner with has the ability to be flexible with meal and break times your conference will be hugely efficient with its use of attendees time.

Wilderness edge amenities
Group of people

Large meeting rooms


143 guest rooms


Catered meals

Location pin

One hour from Winnipeg

Located in Pinawa, East Whiteshell Provincial Park


25+ outdoor activities

Rafting, canoe rentals, snow boarding, hiking trails, etc.


Team building

Rafting, canoe rentals, snow boarding, hiking trails, etc.

High tempurature

Hot tub

Spa / sauna


Parked car

Free Parking

Fire pit





Walking trails

Convenience store

Convenience store

Credit card

nearby ATM


Golf Course

Umbrella on a beach



Pickle ball

Tenis ball


Plan everything in one place

A super simple dashboard for you and your attendees

Pair of people

Easily share with anyone

Open book

Attendee self sign-up option


Special organizer pricing

Start planning now
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