Plan Your Next Conference at Wilderness Edge: A Tranquil Retreat Just an Hour from Winnipeg

Kevin Penner

Plan Your Next Conference at Wilderness Edge: A Tranquil Retreat Just an Hour from Winnipeg

Are you an event planner in search of the perfect conference venue?

Look no further than Wilderness Edge Retreat and Confernece Centre, located just one hour away from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our conference venue offers the ideal setting for conferences, business meetings, and corporate events. Join us to discover why Wilderness Edge is the top choice for conference venues in the Winnipeg, Steinbach and southern Manitoba area.

The Perfect Conference Venue:

When it comes to hosting a successful conference, choosing the right venue is paramount. Wilderness Edge Retreat and Conference Centre combines the convenience of proximity to Winnipeg with the serene beauty of Whiteshell Provincial Park, creating an ideal backdrop for productive and memorable conferences. Here's why we stand out as the perfect conference venue.

Natural Beauty: Nestled within the wilderness of Whiteshell Provincial Park, our retreat boasts stunning natural surroundings that inspire creativity and focus. The waterfront location overlooks the Winnipeg River and a lush forest area, providing a refreshing change of scenery from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Accessibility: Located just one hour away from Winnipeg with all highway driving, Wilderness Edge is easily accessible for attendees coming from the city or other regions. The short travel time minimizes disruptions and maximizes productivity.

Tranquil Retreat: Our beautifully 84,000 sq ft facility offers 143 comfortable guest rooms, 7 large meeting spaces, and a large window Dining Room, creating a tranquil atmosphere that promotes relaxation and focus.

Facilities and Amenities: Wilderness Edge provides modern amenities and technology to meet all your event needs. From spacious meeting rooms with audiovisual equipment to high-speed internet, we ensure a smooth conference experience without the need for state-of-the-art facilities.

Team-Building Activities: Take advantage of the beautiful natural surroundings with team-building activities and outdoor adventures. Strengthen professional relationships while enjoying activities like hiking, canoeing, and more.

Privacy and Focus: Wilderness Edge provides a tranquil and distraction-free environment for your conference. The serene setting allows for uninterrupted discussions, strategic planning, and immersive learning experiences.

Start Planning Your Conference:

Planning a conference at Wilderness Edge is a straightforward process designed to meet your unique needs:

Explore our Website: Visit to learn more about our conference facilities, accommodations, and available amenities.

Contact Our Team: Select your dates and use the Package Builder to create a personalized quote then reach out to our dedicated staff via the live chat option, phone, or email to discuss your conference requirements. We're here to assist you in creating a successful event.

Reserve Your Dates: Secure your preferred conference dates and accommodations with us to ensure availability for your event.

Customize Your Experience: Use our super simple planner's online dashboard to collaborate with our team to tailor your conference to your specific goals and objectives. We can assist with planning, catering, and additional services as needed.

Enjoy Your Conference: Arrive at Wilderness Edge Retreats, focus on your event, and let the natural surroundings and facilities enhance your conference's success.

Final Thoughts

Wilderness Edge Retreats invites event planners to discover why we are Winnipeg's premier conference venue, just an hour away from the city. Experience the perfect blend of natural beauty, accessibility, and comfortable accommodations that make Wilderness Edge the top choice for conferences and corporate events. Start planning your conference today by visiting our website and clicking on the "Get an Instant Quote" button. We look forward to hosting your successful conference at Wilderness Edge.

Wilderness edge amenities
Group of people

Large meeting rooms


143 guest rooms


Catered meals

Location pin

One hour from Winnipeg

Located in Pinawa, East Whiteshell Provincial Park


25+ outdoor activities

Rafting, canoe rentals, snow boarding, hiking trails, etc.


Team building

Rafting, canoe rentals, snow boarding, hiking trails, etc.

High tempurature

Hot tub

Spa / sauna


Parked car

Free Parking

Fire pit





Walking trails

Convenience store

Convenience store

Credit card

nearby ATM


Golf Course

Umbrella on a beach



Pickle ball

Tenis ball


Plan everything in one place

A super simple dashboard for you and your attendees

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Easily share with anyone

Open book

Attendee self sign-up option


Special organizer pricing

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