Tube & Raft rentals in Pinawa as featured on Travel Manitoba, Explorethe204, Narcity, and more!

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Tube & Raft rentals in Pinawa as featured on Travel Manitoba, Explorethe204, Narcity, and more!

Tube Rentals, Canoe Rentals, and Raft Rentals are perfect for those seeking amazing Manitoba Retreats and Adventures.

There’s a reason why thousands of people flock towards Pinawa during the summer months.  The ultimate spot for all of your tubing, canoe and rafting adventures.  Wilderness Edge offers excursion opportunity to anyone who dares to take on the channel.  Located just one hour away from Winnipeg, we provide tubing and rafting adventures with equipment rentals, all at a fair price. You can also power pack the experience with one of our complete day trips, overnight or weekend packages.

Tube rentals | Raft rentals | Canoe rentals

Tube Rentals (A.M. and PM runs)

$17.70 or $8.85 with HOTEL ROOM

  • Slow float about 2.5 hours
  • Transport for driver included
  • Read full details below

Raft Rentals (A.M. and PM runs)

$100.00 or $50 with HOTEL ROOM(Min. 4 adults/ Max 6 people)

  • Slow waters – all ages event
  • Transport for driver included
  • Read full details below
  • Price shown is for 4 people

New for 2021 Guided Wilderness Tours

Hike, Bike, Kayak, Canoe with Pro Guides

  • $25 per adult ( 2 – 3 hour tour)
  • $75 per adult for full-day tour w/ lunch & equip.
  • $120 per adult and up for full weekend tours
  • Overnight rooms with tour package from $40 pp/pn
  • Private Tours options available

What to bring for Tube Rentals

  • We strongly recommend NOT taking your keys on the river – the locksmith is expensive!
  • Please leave valuables at home or locked up.
  • If your own properly fitted child life jackets (we do not supply child life jackets or life jackets for those needing a chest size larger than 54 inches (bring adequate adult supervision for each child).
  • Sunblock, preferably waterproof sunblock that is safe to the environment
  • Swimsuit
  • Water Shoes (there is gravel in the launching area and mud in the ending area, plus these help to prevent you from cutting your feet)
  • Flip Flops or Sandals Snacks (crackers, sunflower seeds, pretzels, chips, etc.), however, we do have a Solo store beside us here in Pinawa if you need a few things including ice.
  • Change of clothes (we do have a changing area for after the float in our 1st East lower level)
  • Towel to dry off after you rinse off at our shower station
  • Water (regardless of what else you bring, have water with you to stay hydrated)
  • Cell phone with dry bag/box in case of emergencies (highly recommended)
  • Extra bags for clothes or trash, however, we do supply bags for trash
  • Dry box/bag to keep wallets or anything else dry
  • Sombrero (Hahaha)
  • Inexpensive Sunglasses (possibly with a safety strap to prevent losing them)
  • Cooler (52-quart coolers fit perfectly in the cooler carrier tubes, smaller ones also work).
  • The Pinawa Solo store has ice for sale and they are located right beside us, if you don’t want to bring your own.  PLEASE NOTE  bringing alcohol onto the river is illegal in Manitoba.
  • Ball or Frisbee if you want to stop and play along the way.
  • Beverages of choice (cans or plastic bottles are preferred, glass is not allowed)
  • Waterproof radio
  • Waterproof watch
  • Cap/hat
  • Waterproof camera in case something amazing happens
  • Squirt Guns, Water Toys

You may see

  • deer
  • turtles
  • otters
  • birds
  • other people tubing, canoeing, kayaking, etc
  • When you see the suspension bridge, it’s time to exit the water! To your left just BEFORE the bridge, there is a landing area! Warning! If you fail to exit BEFORE the bridge, prepare to sleep in the wilderness. :) There are no other exit spots after the bridge!!

Cancellation policy:

Non-refundable / non-transferable to another date or time.  If heavy rain or lightning at the time of launch 100% refunds will be provided and no tubes will go out. If there is light rain or normal weather then no cancellations or refunds are provided. No refunds for no shows. Showing up more than 15 minutes late without phoning ahead 204.753.2535 may result in your booking being canceled and no refund provided.

We need our tubes and rafts to go out on time so that they are back so that the next run is not delayed. Thanks for your understanding and being timely.

If you enjoy these types of water adventures, then so will your friends, so why not share it 

Let’s cover the basics on Manitoba Adventure Retreats and Rentals

Waiver forms are required to be signed due to the dangers of water, rocks, transport and more…

IMPORTANT:  Launch your tubes and raft into the Pinawa Channel (small and narrow down a rocky path), DO NOT LAUNCH INTO THE WINNIPEG RIVER (large body of water)

Take out spot is just before the Swinging Bridge on the left-hand side.  Bring your tubes and rafts up to the top of that path after your run.

Life Jackets

Bring your own life jacket from home for the children.  Tube, canoe, and raft rentals include the use of our adult life jackets that will fit people 95lbs or heavier with a chest size of less than 54 inches.  If you do not fit our life jackets you are asked to bring a well-fitted life jacket from home prior to coming out.

Tube Rentals

Tube rentals are geared towards teenagers and older may require a bit of kicking to move you through slow parts of the river and generally takes 2 to 3 hours to complete if you don’t make any long stops along the way.  Our commercial tubes are WAY TOUGHER than what you can buy at Walmart, Costco or Canadian Tire for tubes, so save your money and rent instead of buying something that may deflate half way through your float.

Raft Rentals

Rafting rentals, unlike white water raft rentals, is slow rafting and ideal for children, families, and corporate team building events. The trip begins upstream from the Pinawa Diversion Dam, where the Winnipeg River and the Pinawa Channel starts and runs for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. This trip features beautiful boreal forest, rugged granite walls, and you can often see turtles sunning themselves. A perfect addition to any adventure vacation for families, youth groups, and corporations.  Our commercial rafts are WAY STRONGER than what you can buy at Walmart, Costco or Canadian Tire for raft or floaties and you can tie multiple ones together if you have a really big group.  Save your money and rent instead of buying something.

We use only commercial rafts with multiple air compartments for extra safety.  Rafts weigh 110lbs and we recommend a minimum of 4 adults so that when you are carrying the raft each person is holding about 30lbs of weight.  You must carry the raft 300ft into the water and carry the raft 300ft at the end of the channel by the Swinging Bridge.

Canoe Rentals

Canoe rentals are geared towards those with existing experience in the safe use of canoes and understand water safety.  Water conditions are slow-moving with swift sections.  If you choose to take the Pinawa Channel route there are two portages and you will require selecting the Old Pinawa Dam for 5 pm transport option when making your booking. You are required to lift your canoe off its docking station and put it into the water.  If you are not familiar with the safe operation of a canoe, we strongly recommend booking our Day Adventure, rafting or tubing options instead.


We provide tube & raft transportation for your driver.  Your driver will drop off his/her passengers at the appointed dropping off spot (end of 211 East), then drive to the end point and park (Pinawa swinging bridge parking is $20 being charged by the town of Pinawa or if you walk .6km you get free parking on 211 Highway).  OUR driver will transport YOUR driver back to the start point.  Bring some kind of waterproof container to put your keys in, so that you are able to access your vehicle at the end point


We have separate men’s and ladies shower stalls.  They include 4 men’s shower and 4 ladies showers each plus toilet facilities.

Change Rooms

We have separate men’s and ladies change rooms in our lower level.  They include 4 showers each plus toilet facilities.  We don’t have any lockers, so plan to lock everything in your car.


We have free wi-fi  at our retreat centre facility, so if you need some wi-fi we have it for you!

Young children for Tubing?

Children 8 years and above who are interested in tubing may go if the supervising adult ties their tube rental to the child’s tube.  Wilderness Edge provides short pieces of rope for free to those that ask at the front desk.  Each person should have their own tube.  Arrange a ratio of one (1) adult to one (1) child and the adults should be familiar with water safety.

Oh, and of course, everyone should be wearing life jackets! Both Adults and children.  Bring your own life jacket from home for the children.  We provide adult life jackets.

Sand Volleyball and other activities at Wilderness Edge

We also have:

  • 2 sand volley ball courts
  • 2 horseshoe pits
  • 2 tetherball courts
  • 13 person hot tub overlooking the Winnipeg River
  • Pool table
  • Ping pong table
  • 3 firepits amazing snack and food for group bookings

Tubing Fun at Wilderness Edge

There’s nothing like getting out on the water on a beautiful sunny day, and Wilderness Edge offers a great way to do just that! Located just an hour away from Winnipeg in scenic Pinawa, we provide tube rentals for anyone who is looking for an exciting excursion. The tubes are comfortable floatation devices that let you gently travel along the water.

Your tubing adventure will take you along the Pinawa Channel, a sparkling, inviting waterway that is surrounded by forest—truly a way to get away from it all! The route will take about two to three hours without any stops, but to make the most of your excursion, consider taking time to pause along the way to appreciate the serene, natural surroundings.

Tubing with Friends

Has it been a while since you last caught up with your close friends? Maybe you have a friend visiting the Manitoba area from outside of the province and want to show them what we have to offer? A tubing adventure gives you time to relax and share stories, as well as enjoy a few laughs along the way. Spending quality time with friends can be a great stress-reliever, boosting your mood and helping you to forget about the busy day-to-day lives we lead. A tubing excursion is a perfect way to catch up and enjoy each other’s company.

Tubing with Family

Connecting with your loved ones is an important part of life. It can be difficult in today’s hustle and bustle to carve out time for those special people in your life, which is why booking a tubing adventure with the whole family can be an opportunity to create memories that you’ll cherish for years to come. Sharing an experience in the great outdoors helps parents and teens have valuable bonding time that can strengthen relationships and allow everyone the chance to relax and have fun. Seeing your teenager unplug from technology and experience an outdoor adventure will be well worth it!

Tubing with Colleagues

Tubing provides a positive experience for groups of co-workers who are looking to learn more about one another and create stronger work relationships. Floating down a calm river while taking in the sights puts everyone at ease and the formality of the office or shop will soon melt away, allowing co-workers to be themselves and enjoy the time spent getting to know their colleagues better. A tubing adventure can be the perfect remedy for work-related stress and can help co-workers have an experience and create memories that will strengthen their working relationships in the long run.

Tubing and Nature

The river and surrounding wilderness is home to a variety of wildlife, including deer, turtles, otters, and many species of birds. You may spot one or many of these as you travel along the river, and these sightings can be just as exciting for adults as they are for teens and kids! The tree-lined banks of the river offer a breathtaking view while you make your way along the river’s path, and you’ll have nothing but beautiful sky above you and glittering water below you. Your tubing excursion is the perfect chance to tune in with the natural world around you—take a moment to listen for bird calls, the wind moving through the trees, and the water moving across rocks and shoreline.

Disconnecting from the busy, technology-laden lives we all lead these days and reconnecting with nature is a sure way to find some inner peace and rediscover your sense of calm. Enjoy some sunshine, feel the breeze on your face, relax, and let the river take you on a comfortable ride.

Tubing and Romance

Looking for an unconventional date idea? Why not try tubing? Our tubing excursions involve fun, beautiful surroundings, and a chance to spend quality time with one another. The calm float along the river is a great opportunity to reconnect with your long-term love or learn more about a new person you’re interested in. The playful nature of a tubing adventure means you can relax and truly enjoy every moment of spending time with that special someone. No pressure, just stunning scenery and good company.

Tubing and Play

For those who would like to add even more activity to their tubing excursion, you can add a little competition to your experience by seeing who floats fastest in a friendly race, or bring along water toys, squirt guns, Frisbees, and balls so that you can stop and play along your route. You can also play a fun game of spot the animal/bird as you scan the riverbanks, trees, and water. Or have a sing-a-long while you relax and let the river take you on your adventure.

Stay Awhile

Tubing excursions make a great day adventure, but why not extend the experience by staying at Wilderness Edge and enjoying all that we have to offer? Spend the night or the weekend in one of our comfortable rooms, treat yourself to our delicious meals, and look for some more ways to have fun by choosing from our extensive list of amazing activities.

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Rafting, canoe rentals, snow boarding, hiking trails, etc.

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Convenience store

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