Amazing Location • Awesome Activities • Just an Hour Away
Amazing Location • Awesome Activities • Just an Hour Away
Amazing Location • Awesome Activities • Just an Hour Away
Facilities to Help You Host Your Retreat
Facilities to Help You Host Your Retreat
Facilities to Help You Host Your Retreat
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Family Gatherings and Reunions

Choosing an ideal location for your family gatherings or reunion can be one of the first, and most difficult, decisions a trip organizer can face. However our Retreat Centre campus and surrounding Whiteshell Park destination make the perfect combination for a great destination with group-oriented lodging and activities.

Wilderness Edge has all the attributes, activities and amenities that make it a popular site for reunions and family gatherings.  Groups of all types and sizes book in with us – from traditional family gatherings, sibling retreats, special birthdays and anniversaries to weddings and showers to name a few.

Wilderness Edge is Manitoba’s largest and fastest growing 4 season resort between Winnipeg and Thunderbay. Offering Manitoba’s top tubing and slow rafting waterway, great local beach, fabulous 18 hole golf courses (Pinawa and Granite Hills ) with spectacular trans Canada trail paths and lake views.  Hiking paths and biking trails abound and there is even a swinging brige just 3 short minutes drive down the road.

From small family gatherings to large family reunion vacations or retreats, Wilderness Edge has the facilities and experience to meet the needs of family gatherings.  We offer a variety of lodging options with great on-site amenities.



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4 Tips for Family Gatherings

1. Help the Grandparents Interact With Your Kids Most children adore their grandparents, and vice versa. Helping the grandparents interact with your kids, by bringing along a favorite board game or books for them to read aloud will create great bonds at the family gathering with many fond memories.

2. Take Photos, Videos and maybe Write a Story to Build Family Memories  If you document these family times with photos, videos, or written stories, the memories can be shared for generations and they will become the treasured possessions for future Family Gatherings.

3. Don’t Create Expectations that Anyone will be Different Love people for where ever they are at.  Replace judgement for curiosity and find out why people think and do things differently that you would.  Curiosity that seeks to understand rather than to criticize creates meaningful conversation, and communication that seeks to understand the other creates empathy and good will.  So the next time you get frustrated, get curious.

4. Get the Kids Involved with the Adults  Get all ages of children involved by having them create something decorative and crafty for a place settings so your family reunion guests will know where to sit.  See if you can come up with at least one activity or game that everyone can participate in. If your kids are over 5, charades can be a fun for families, ‘eye spy when my little eye’ is one that enables them to become aware of their surroundings and can provide teachable moments.

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What Organizers Are Saying

The story of hosting Camp Brock is Inspiring!

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Along with the many available guest rooms there is a a 13 person hot-tub, 3 fire pits, 2 volleyball areas, 2 horseshoe pits, 2 tether balls and within walking distance tennis courts, sandy beach area, children’s playground, town pool, picnic areas and more. Most importantly, we provide professional, knowledgeable and friendly support and advice for all aspects of your reunion or retreat planning. This, combined with our competitive group rates, has made us a first choice for group lodging and activity coordination in central Canada for those looking for a Park like setting.  Get this Discovery Guide to give you an outline of the process and to save yourself hours of research.

So, if your family or friends numbers are 4 people (and up to 200!) and you want your Whiteshell Park retreat or reunion to be a memorable experience for everyone, call 1.877.753.2535 or e-mail us for information, advice or help with pricing.  At Wilderness Edge Retreat and Conference Centre located in Whiteshell Provincial Park, groups are our passion!

Wilderness Edge Retreat & Conference Centre

 Experience our Passion for Groups!


1. If your an event organizer and would like to consider renting our Retreat & Conference Facilities for your next group event — to dramatically improve your retreat, conference or gathering experience start by getting an instant quote or talking to one of our sales event specialists.

2. If you know people that organize events, help them out by sharing 

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