Events in Whiteshell Provincial Park Manitoba

Kevin Penner

Events in Whiteshell Provincial Park Manitoba

Located on the edge of Whiteshell Provincial Park, Wilderness Edge is just one hour from Winnipeg and overlooks the Winnipeg river system

It’s perfectly suited for those wanting to get close to nature. It’s diverse activities allow for those age 2 to enjoy our beach and beach playground and those aged 102 to easily walk level trails and many sitting benches. Families, retreats and conferences seeking something unique and refreshing find the location as one of the nicest in central Canada.

Some people like to fish right off the 60 boat marina for perch or pickerel, and if that’s your passion make sure to fish on the right side of the marina towards the patch of weeds located just on the Edge’s property.

If you feeling a bit more resort-ish you might like a more luxurious approach by sitting in the outdoor 13 person hot tub, located on a large desk that extends off the end of the East Wings of the large 84,000 sq. foot complex.  If you get in their early enough you might be lucky enough to catch the early morning sunrise and the eagles that come with it.

13 Person Hot Tub at Wilderness Edge

Trails on the 11 acre property is actually part of a larger trail system, the Trans Canada Trail system also known as the TTC.  You can take a short walk from our waterfront, turn north and in about 7 minutes you come across the local beach, kids playground, 18 hole golf course, town tennis courts and town pool.

For those that come with a lot of adventure in mind you can take those same trails, get a picnic lunch from our kitchen and plan an extended adventure to Old Pinawa Dam about 10km away or bring a bike or make arrangements to use one of ours and take a 17km bike ride to Seven Sisters.  For those on the less exuberant side you can take a stroll or short drive to the swinging bridge, about a mile away.

Swinging Bridge as part of a walking trail from Wilderness Edge

Regardless of age of those interested, there is huge variety of activities, rentals, and accommodations.  Our fire pits are always a big hit and we have 3 onsite that you can book in advance.  One is located right at the waters edge and allows you to enjoy the call of the loons and the occasional splash of a fish jumping.  Another one is closer to our dining area and is super convenient, has a view of the lake but is only a 20 second walk from our front entrance.  Our third firepit is right in our courtyard and surrounded by thousands of flowers in the summer time.

Courtyard central to the complex features thousands of flowers and a fire pit and BBQ’s in the middle.

Listings on the Wilderness Edge activities page include:  tube rentals, canoe/kayak rentals, raft rentals, horseback ranches, hiking trails, ice fishing, snowshoeing, golf courses, Whiteshell Park attractions as well as local festivals/events and more.

With Winnipeg located in the heart of Canada, there’s an increasing amount of national and international awareness of the Whiteshell Provincial Park.  Perfectly located only one hour from Winnipeg, the park offers the best that Manitoba has to offer for scenery, eco-tourism, and for quiet getaways in the peacefulness of the Boreal forest.


Hiking Whiteshell Provincial Park means there is a good chance you have been using the Trans Canada Trail system.  The hiking opportunities around Pinawa are absolutely wonderful and if you are a fan of the outdoors,  it is a must-do.

One of the easiest hikes with an estimated time of 51 minutes is the Old Pinawa Dam Trail.  Remember to have a park pass with you before driving out to Old Pinawa Dam as it is a Provincial park.  The old Pinawa Dam trail is a great little walk around a historical site with much to see.  There is a series of signs that allow people to learn the history of why the dam is an important engineering feat.  Take the time to read each sign as it is quite interesting.  The walk is light but becomes more moderate when you reach the rocks.

Pinawa Dam to Suspension Bridge
This is a wonderful hike and about 45 minutes by mountain bike or 2.5 hours at an average gate of 3kms per hour.  It’s a great hike to do with a bag lunch and some hiking boots.  The Alice Chamber Trail runs from the Suspension Bridge to Old Pinawa Dam.  There is a yellow gate on the Alice Chambers Trail and you follow this north.  The next 2 and 1/2 kilometers are soft and have two tracks as it is also shared with bikes and ATVs.  There is a rice boat that is stored by Manitoba Conservation along this path.  Cross bridge #1 as you turn off this trail to enter the Old Pinawa Dam park.

You are following the Pinawa channel the entire way.  Bring your camera and take the opportunity for photos of wildflowers, birds overhead and beavers in the water.  Once at the Pinawa Dam you can change into your swimwear and enjoy some body surfing down the natural water slide.  It helps greatly if you are with someone familiar with these waters.  The good folks at Wilderness Edge are great to advise on where the water is hiding rocks.  They also rent tubes so you can float over that area or make human trains.

Heritage Channel / Pinawa Channel Walk
Pinawa Channel Trail The trail starts at the Pinawa Suspension Bridge on the Alice Chambers Trail and follows the Pinawa Channel to the Winnipeg River where it connects to the Ironwood Trail. The trail then loops back to the suspension bridge. Berry picking and wildlife viewing are common summer activities, while skiing or walking are the favorite pastime in winter.

Pinawa Trans Canada Trail that circles the town is just over 10 kms and lightly marked.  It would be good to have the GPS on your phone working as well as a printed map to make knowing where to turn easier.  You follow the Pinawa Channel from the end of 211 East to the Suspension Bridge.  From the suspension bridge, you follow the gravel road straight down to the Winnipeg River system.  Once you come to the river you follow the path back in the direction of town down to the Pinawa beach and golf course.  I am not a big fan of doing that one stretch of gravel road so plan it appropriately for your tastes.

Pine Point trail is about a 45-minute drive from Pinawa to your start point.  It is one of the top rated trails in the Whiteshell and something to seriously consider if you want to spend a portion of the day hanging out and eating a picnic lunch and maybe a bit of shore fishing.  It’s an 8.2km loop trail with a river.  As far as difficulty, it’s rated as moderate and so it has a bit of challenge to it.  The second portion of the loop is a bit more challenging, so consider doubling back if you’re good for exercise.  The second half has a bit more elevation change but very doable.

TTC Hike and Bike Trail System

If you’re wanting to use a mountain bike for the trails, I encourage you to look at the ‘Borders to Beaches’ trail system.  Our colleague and partner, Roy Hildebrand, did the inaugural tour with sponsors and contributors back in 2011 when this first officially opened.  Watch Roy talk about the Borders to Beaches trail system.

Old Pinawa Dam Tour
The old Pinawa Dam is a great little walk around a historical site with much to see.  There is a series of signs that allow people to learn the history of why the dam is an important engineering feat.  The walk is light, but becomes more moderate when you reach the rocks

Ironwood Trail
This trail is named after the rare Ironwood tree that is very evident in the area. The Ironwood Trail is an easy walk along the shores of the Winnipeg River in front of Wilderness Edge. There are 23 marked points of interest, which are explained in the Ironwood Trail interpretive brochure.

Suspension Bridge
For a breathtaking stop visit this 650 ft bridge that spans the Pinawa Channel to connect Pinawa to the mainland. The bridge connects this recreation area with hiking and skiing trail areas maintained by local volunteers. Also featured at this site are a covered picnic shelter and plenty of parking. This is located on Alice Chambers Trail,

Great Grey Owl Habitat
The Great Grey Owl is Manitoba’s provincial bird. The habitat around Pinawa is excellent for these diurnal owls. Great Grey Owls are observed almost daily in the winter and they have been observed mating in the designated habitat area.  A section of PR #211 has been signed in the hope that drivers will be more cautious when driving.

Pinawa TransCanada Trail
Pinawa’s section of the TransCanada Trail includes mixed forest, granite ridges and beaver dams as it winds from the Seven Sisters Generating Dam to the Old Pinawa Dam. This section of trail includes the Heritage Walk, Ironwood Trail and Alice Chambers Trail. All the trails provide an excellent opportunity to view birds and wildlife in summer and winter.

Pinawa Bridge
Wayside This little park is situated on PR #211 on the southeast side of the road across the bridge. There are pit privies, a few barbecue pits and a boat ramp for access to the Winnipeg River south of Seven Sisters Generating Station. A favorite spot for avid shoreline fishers and boaters.

3 Night Whiteshell Loop
83 km, 6 portage, 7 lake loop in the remote back country of Manitoba’s Whiteshell Provincial Park. The Route covered Big Whiteshell Lake, Crowduck Lake, Eagle Nest Lake, Little Echo Lake, Park Lake, Echo Lake, Saddle Lake, back to Crowduck then Big Whiteshell lakes to complete the loop.  Echo Lake is a fly-in fishing hole, stocked with trout and frequented by float planes.

Hunt Lake Trail
Hunt Lake Trail is a 14.2 kilometer (return) loop trail located near Whiteshell, Manitoba, Canada that features a lake and is rated as difficult. Trail leads north to Indian Bay returning along the east shore of West Hawk Lake. Allow at least 3 hours to reach the trails end. Steep, difficult climbs along the trail reward the hiker with spectacular views

Meditation Lake Trail
An easy, short 3km trail near Pinawa in the Whiteshell.  Part of the trail passes through a campground.  In 1957 a number of Red Pine were planted in that area, and have now nicely matured. Some do this trail as part of a portage to access to backcountry campsites along Meditation Lake or Horseshoe Lake. While in the area make sure to drop by the Petroforms.

Mantario trail
Mantario trail is a challenging three to six-day hike.   Our resident trail expert Joel visits this trail often and it is a 3-day trek for him.  This 60 km trail takes the hiker over rugged Shield country and is accessible from PR 312 and Big Whiteshell Lake.

Amisk hiking trail
Amisk/Inverness Falls Trail is an easy 5.5 kilometer loop trail located near Division No. 1,  in Whiteshell Park that includes a lake.

Big Whiteshell Mountain Bike Trail
Big Whiteshell Mountain Bike Trail is a 9.5 kilometer lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Pinawa, Manitoba, Canada that features a lake and is rated as moderate.

Big Whiteshell Hiking Trail
Big Whiteshell Hiking Trail is a 1.8 kilometer lightly trafficked loop trail located near Pinawa, Manitoba, Canada that offers scenic views and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and trail running and is best used from May until October.

Borders to Beaches
If you’re wanting to use a mountain bike for the trails I encourage you to look at the ‘Borders to Beaches’ trail system.  Our college and partner Roy Hildebrand did the inaugural tour with sponsors and contributors back in 2011 when this first officially opened.  Watch Roy talk about the Borders to Beaches trail system.

Rainbow Falls Hiking Trail
8 km, 3 hour moderate hiking trail starting at Jessica Lake Lodge, through the forest to White Lake Campground and then climbing a small rock ridge to reach scenic Rainbow Falls. Picnic tables and toilet facilities are available at Rainbow Falls and White Lake Campgrounds.

Centennial Trail
The one-way trail shares a trailhead with the Bear Lake Trail at its western end; the eastern terminus is Caddy Lake.  15.8km section of the Trans-Canada Trail provides beautiful vantage points along the trail.  Some difficult sections due to steep rocky slopes.

Falcon Creek trail head
Located north of the Trans-Canada Highway near the entrance to Falcon Lake. This short 1 hour hike trail reveals that glaciers once covered this land; rocks and boulders were scattered randomly as the ice receded. One can see the effects of a forest fire here as well.

Whiteshell River Bridge Trail
Whiteshell River Bridge Trail is a 4.2 kilometer moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Nutimik Lake, Manitoba, Canada that features a lake and is rated as moderate.

White Pine trail
Pine Point Trail is a 8.2 kilometer loop trail located near Pinawa, Manitoba, Canada that features a river. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking and walking.

McGillivray Falls trail
Two loops and 3 hours in length, it is accessible from PTH 44 near Caddy Lake. This 4.6 km trail has a bit of challenge built into it due to the slightly rough terrain.  There is a small drainage basin typical of the Precambrian Shield. A shortcut reduces the length of the trail to 2.4 km before it reaches McGillivray Lake. This particular type of drainage system is found throughout the park.

Alf Hole Goose Sanctuary trail
Starting from the Visitor Centre and circles around the south side of the Sanctuary Pond. The peaceful setting is accentuated by the opportunity to see Great Canada Geese in their natural habitat. An especially rewarding hike in Spring and Fall.

Alfred Hole Goose Sanctuary and Visitor Centre provide an up-close view of goslings in spring and fall during migration. The Centre features an interpretive program, displays, exhibits, self-guiding hiking trail and an observation gallery overlooking a small pond. School programs and group bookings available. Contact the Park Interpreter for more information at 204-369-3157. Location: .5 km east of Rennie on Hwy. 44.

Forrester’s Footsteps trail
Looping 2 hour hike through a natural as well as the replanted forested area. Most of the trail follows old logging roads, except the last third which goes up a granite rock ridge. Great for a hike or mountain bike.

Pine Point Rapids
An 8.2 km. trail that passes between two sharply different communities typical to the Whiteshell: a mixed-wood forest and a rock outcrop.  It can be hiked or skied and about 4 hours in an intermediate challenge setting.

Falcon Ridge Trails – Sunshine
This is a short hike to the south facing ski slopes and up to the rock outcrop overlooking Falcon Lake. This is a simple walk – about 2 km round trip.

Top of The World
This is a 4 km hike to a spectacular lookout point above Falcon Lake. This is the highest elevation in the area.  Pinawa is the highest point in Manitoba.

Pine Ridge Trail
Pine Ridge Trail is a 5.5 kilometer moderately trafficked out and back trail.  It is about 3km to the Swing Rope and the full 5.5km to High Lake.

High Lake Ski Trail
In the winter this is a beautiful 7.5 km trail going up to High Lake and along its undisturbed shoreline. To hike this is just as nice but you cannot go the entire distance because half of the trail is on the lake in the winter. You can go all the way to the lake and return on the same trail. By the end of the summer, a complete dry land route will be prepared.

Golf courses

Pinawa Golf and Country Club

Pinawa’s Golf Course is rated as one of the top 10 of Manitoba’s rural golf courses.  (204) 753-2294

Falcon Lake Golf Course

Falcon Lakeès newest clubhouse slate to open June 2018

Granite Hills Golf Course

20 Min NE of Lac Du Bonnet off Cape Coppermine Rd (204) 345-4653

Black Bear Golf Club

Lac du Bonnet course is a 9-hole facility.  (204) 345-9977

Ice fishing

Wilderness Edge Retreat & Conference Centre

George Lake Outfitters

Camp Nutimik


Wilderness Edge Retreat & Conference Centre

Art & Creative

Whiteshell Winter Arts Festival

Paint Nite

Bannock Point Petroforms

Quilting Shop

Check out the new crafts, Diamond Dotz. My hours are Monday to Saturday 10 am to 4:30 pm. Phone 753-2619. Mordens Chocolates are selling very well and the Walkers Shortbread available, call ahead to confirm availability.


Whiteshell Winter Arts Festival

Falcon Lake Winter Fish-Off

Falcon Lake Fun Fest

Cross-country skiing

Whiteshell Winter Ski Club

The club is a not-for-profit, volunteer-based, recreational club dedicated to provide a network of excellent cross-country ski trails for recreational and competitive skiers and to actively support the programs and activities of the cross-country ski community of Manitoba.

Wilderness Edge Retreat & Conference Centre

Skis free of charge to use for overnight guests.  You are expected to wax your own skis and find the shoes and poles that best fit for you.

Unique to the area

Body surfing – Old Pinawa Dam

Bannock Point Petroforms

Caddy Lake Tunnels

Pinawa Multisport Challenge

Down-hill skiing and biathlon at Falcon Lake

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Rafting, canoe rentals, snow boarding, hiking trails, etc.

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